Skinpeutics Peptide Scar Gel

Skinpeutics Peptide Scar Gel Report and Consumer Reviews

Scars, regardless of their origin, can affect more than
just our skin.  Scars can affect our self confidence, which has impacts in both our personal and professional lives.  Creating an ideal Environment in which Scar Tissue can heal itself is a great starting point, but providing additional Wound Healing + Discoloration Ingredients is what makes Skinpeutics Scar Gel so Impressive.  If you have scars you wish to eliminate, new or old, the Peptide Scar Gel  is the Best of the Best in our opinion.  In fact, Our Editors have named Skinpeutics Scar Gel the Best Scar Cream on the Market!

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For those of you who are less familiar with the Skinpeutics brand, they are a Boutique Skincare Line that offers Certified Organic and Cruelty Free products to consumers at a fair price.  This Award Winning Formula Seals and Protects the scar tissue from Environmental Damages and Moisture Loss, while Peptides and other Proven Wound Healing Ingredients Eliminate Discoloration and Textural Concerns of Keloid or bumpy scars.  This is serious medical grade scar treatment for a fraction of the cost of medical procedures.

Skinpeutics Peptide Scar Gel Reviews

One of the things that stuck our Editors about Skinpeutics and this formula in particular, is the overwhelmingly complete nature of the formula.  Skinpeutics uses the Highest Quality Ingredients in their products.  They use the Highest Standards in the manufacturing of the products, and they DO NOT overlook any detail of Scar Healing, no matter how small it may seem.  This is serious Scar Treatment for consumers who want Serious Results.  The more detailed our investigation of this product, the more impressed we became, ultimately naming it The Best Scar Gel on the Market Today! 

Ingredient Analysis

As we mentioned earlier, Skinpeutics products use very high quality ingredients, and each formula is Certified Organic.  The company believes that this is what leads to their Extremely High Level of Customer Satisfaction.  For our money, this Peptide Scar Gel is the Best that we have seen and worth every penny.  Skinpeutics and its ingredients are sure to impress even the most picky skincare consumers.

Silicone – Silicone is a recent advancement in the science of treating scars quacking and effectively. SkinPeutics has harnessed the healing powers of silicone sheeting without the inconvenience of sheets.  This wonderful scar gel coats, seals and protects scar tissue so you can feel confident your skin will look its best. By retaining moisture and creating an ideal environment in which scar tissue can heal, this scar gel gets the job done.

Collaxyl – Peptides have become popular because they work.  The ability to promote cellular renewal and heal scar tissue is second to none.  This powerful peptide has been featured at industry conferences and awarded countless recognition for its amazing healing powers. Acting as a messenger, Collaxyl triggers your skin to begin Cellular Regeneration. This rapid growth and division of skin cells allows you to heal and replace the damaged scar tissue with new undamaged skin.

Allantoin – Many scar treatments over look critical ingredients like Allantoin. This ingredient targets and heals pitting and rough / bumpy scars. It penetrates the scar, breaks down the keloid and scarred tissue and allows active ingredients to heal the skin. It also provides the scar a natural protectant and promotes new skin cell growth to further heal the area. The Peptide and Silicone Scar Gel would not as effective if not for this powerhouse ingredient.

Rose Hip Oil – There is quite a bit of “buzz” about Rose Hip Oil recently. Many celebrities have stumbled on to the wonderful benefits it provides your skin, one of which is Eliminating the Visibility of Scars. By targeting hyper pigmentation (discoloration) and reducing redness it makes scars less visible. But that’s not all it does. Rose Hip Oil also helps the address heal keloid scars and uneven texture type scarring in addition to its ingredient counter parts.. Grown in the mountains of Chili this wonder oil has been used to treat scars for thousands of years. It was a Brilliant Choice by Skinpeutics to include in this formula.

Purchase Information

The Skinpeutics Peptide Scar Gel  is sold exclusively on the company’s official website,  Consumers have a few options to choose from.  1 Bottle Sells for $69.99 or 2 Bottles for $99.99, which is a wonderful value buy. If you purchase 2 or more at a time it is a fantastic way to save money on your skincare needs.  If you prefer automatic shipments, you can reduce your costs even further.

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Our Editors Choice Best Scar Cream

Scars are unlike many skin conditions because of the permanent nature of some scars.  Scars can affect self confidence and even our personal and professional lives.  Finding effective scar treatment is not only important for some consumers, it can be frustrating when a product does not deliver.  If you suffer from scarring and want to reduce the visibility, you can Feel Confident in Skinpeutics to Deliver the Results you Desire.  Regardless of what caused your scar, you can count on the Peptide Scar Gel to Work.  This is why we have named it the Best Scar Cream on the Market Today!

If you are in the market for a scar cream, this product is absolutely wonderful.  Each ingredient was specifically chosen to help you maximize the benefits your skin needs and wants.  We are extremely confident that you will be pleased with this product and we encourage you to try it.

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 3 reviews

Had a terrible scar across my knee and calf, this product did wonders!

by Sanda on Peptide Scar Gel

I cannot express how much this product changed my life. Thank you Skinpeutics, thank you.

by Heather on Peptide Scar Gel

After my c section i thought I'd never wear a bikini again. Well after a couple months, my scars can't even be noticed. Awesome!