How We Accumulate the Information Contained in Each Report

Because each report contains a wealth of information, we thought it important to explain to our readers how we accumulate the information.  Transparency is our goal, both for consumers in the skincare marketplace as well as with our reports.  Our reports are tools for consumers who want to base their decisions based upon the right information, but lack the time or inclination to rummage through the information.  At Consumer Skin Reports, we can do the work for you.

Check out our research process, so you understand which information we examine to accumulate our reports.

  • Product / Brand Examination – Getting a good understanding of the history, product line and general brand standing with the public is a great place to begin to familiarize yourself with a product.  Questions like how long a company has been in business or how extensive their product range can be good indicators for consumers.  We take the time to turn over the stones and get the skinny for our readers.
  • Ingredients – The single largest indicator of a products success is the ingredients.  Identifying the ingredients, understanding how they work and what they do are critical components to deciding which product is right for you.  Our reports identify which brands use which ingredients and explain what you can expect from product A vs. product B, and so forth.
  • Quantity / Length of Use –   Determining the size of the supply is essential in establishing the overall cost of use and deciding whether or not you can afford to use this product long enough to see results.  Some products are worn all over the face, others only in trouble areas.  We help you identify how a product is worn and how long you can expect to be able to use the product.  This can also help you determine the overall value of a product when measuring cost effectiveness.
  • Price – Naturally, we consider the price as a part of any evaluation.  Consumers are very price focused and as such, so are our reports.  While weighing price vs overall value is a critical component to deciding which product is right for you, we help you examine what you get for each purchase.  What do you get for the money?
  • Consumer Experiences – We believe that weighing consumer experiences with the information we obtain through other methods paints a clearer picture both for us and our readers.  While no one review can dictate an impression on a product, trends and similar experiences can provide insight that can prove helpful to many consumers.  Always check out what other consumers who have used the product have to say about it before you buy.
  • Expert Analysis – Of course, our editors and skincare experts also weigh in on the topic.  Each report will include our Editors Opinions, Insight and Choice for leading products / treatments for consumers with your particular skincare goals.  A wonderful resource of information formed over decades in the skincare industry.

If you are shopping for a skincare product and looking for some insight and information upon which you can make a smart buying decision, our reports are just the answer you are looking for.  Extensive enough for the most detail oriented consumer yet quick enough and easy to read for those who just want answers!